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intruder alarm systems, access control, CCTV and nurse call systems

security system maintenence services in Kent


When installing an intruder alarm system, we highly recommend that you take out a maintenance contract which covers the annual service of your intruder alarm. This ensures that the system is in good working order, and allows our trained engineering staff the opportunity to identify any changing requirements, adjusting the system as follows.

TS2’s maintenance regime extends far beyond that of many security providers.



    Basic maintenance visit

  • Perform a test of all detectors to ensure correct operation and sufficient coverage
  • Test all audible and visual warning devices for correct operation
  • Test remote signalling systems
  • Check backup batteries for age and deterioration, testing the system’s current draw to ensure adequate back up battery standby time
  • Check that all connections are secure in the main panel
  • Check anti-tamper devices for correct operation
  • Ensure that the system continues to meet the client’s requirements, make adjustments where possible and make recommendations to improve level of security, where necessary.

Each maintenance contract opens access to an out of hours engineer 24 hours a day, 365 day of the year and, when combined with a monitoring agreement, ensures complete monitoring and maintenance of your systems.

One of our security consultants would be pleased to discuss our maintenance programmes with you, which can be combined with a monitoring package if required.

For more details and to discuss your requirements, please call (01227) 774930.